Bristol 7th Grade Class 1967/68 Reunion
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Here I will add some of the memories that you all have shared with David or I as we have talked to you over the last few months.

A memory from Linda Mabry.............
I never did take the back stairs up from the gym to behind the stage of the auditorium. I used to envy the 7th grade boys that I'd see do that. When I got that old, I forgot to try it and regretted it later.

A memory from David Stone............
Playing dodge ball.
Kissing Linda Jones on the playgound in third grade.

A memory from James Collins...............
Climbing up the vents that were in the back of the classroom to bother the kids in the class upstairs. Climbing down the vents into the woodshop.

A memory from Linda Jones..........................
Being kissed by some obnoxious boy on the playground in third grade. LOL.
I think that I was in every room of Bristol at one time or another. It was a really cool school and I am sorry that it is gone. I had speech class in the little wooden dormer room that was on the northwest side of the building. I must have had trouble with my 'S' sounds, because I remember working with a snake pattern and having to say a lot of 'S' words. I took piano lessons in one of the basement rooms. I attended Bristol for 8 years and then my son attended Bristol for 2 years, until it closed down.

A memory from Alan Kirkwood................
(Sorry Alan! LOL)
I remember that several of us guys used to kick the other boys in the backs of their knees as they were standing at the urinals and make them fall.