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Bristol 7th Grade Class 1967/68 Reunion
History of Bristol School



School address:
1500 South Northern Boulevard
Independence, Missouri 64052
The phone number in the early 50s was CL 9362!

Below is a current picture of Englewood.


1897-1898 Bristol is listed in the "Directory of Schools of Jackson County Mo. Common Schools".
Teacher Miss Ruth Graham, residence Independence, MO. District Clerk- W. H. Broughton, office in Thayer Building, Kansas City, Mo.

The following information was from the Kansas City Star:

1907- First Principal was Mr. Warrington with three teachers. It is assumed that the old brick section was built during this period of time.

1908- Principal Clarence Bocher with six teachers and 275 students.

1911- The small 8 room red brick country school was annexed to the Kansas City, Mo. school district, November 2, 1911,largely due to the efforts of Porter Graves and Hale H. Cook. Bristol stood on a plat of ground which extended two hundred feet on Hedges by 128 feet on 15th Street. The address was Bristol District, #9, R-32.

1912- Principal Mr. Higdon. Additional ground was added extending the property from Hedges to Northern Boulevard. Estimated value was $15,750.00. Added Manual Training and Kindergarten- February 15, 1912.

1914- Mr. H. E. Robinson, principal. Outgrowing school and pleading for more rooms. Now on one half day sessions.

1916- Miss Minnie L. Hooker teaching Principal with 14 teachers.

1920- Miss Minnie L. Hooker, Principal after much controversy. 14 Teachers.

1922- Miss Minnie L. Hooker, principal. 10 teachers. Domestic Science and Manual Training added two days a week.

1924- Miss Minnie L. Hooker, principal. New brick building added. Architect was Chas. A. Smith. Built by George Fuller Green Co. Mat-faced brick and cut-stone, also new playgrounds. Opened Sept. 2, 1924 providing 10 classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, manual training room, a fresh air room, office and nurses room. Approximate cost was $260,000.00. J. B. O'Donnell also added Horticulture Gardening including flowers, gradpes, blackberries and raspberries. A Domestic Service Class was also added.

1937-1941 Principal Mr. G. Dewey Smith

1941-1942 Principal Mr. L. H. Dental

1942-1944 Principal Mr. O. H. Coberly

1944-1949 Principal Mr. Creek

1949-1950 Principal Ms. Nellie Noland- The school became overcrowded and expanded north into the vacated Baptist Church Builing on the corner of 15th and Northern. There were over 900 students.

1950-1962 Principal Ms. Naomi Newkirk (MY first principal!)

1962-1972 Principal Ms. Edith Stuart (I remember her well!)

1972 Principal Ms. Dorthea Meyern

197? Principal Ms. Edna Mae Whitsitt -Last principal, was living in Odessa, Missouri in 1997.

1984 SOLD to Investment Builders Inc. & Julian-Andee Const. Co. Then sold to the U. S. Postal Service.

1986-1987 Demolition began in 1986 and due to asbestos problems demolition was completed November 1987.