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Vacation Photo Album
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on vacation

We took a camping trip to Meramec State Park in Missouri in June 2001. We met up with Bryan and Stacy and their daughters. We met them last year through my Yahoo camping club State Parks. We also met up with Jack. We met him on the Yahoo club Missouri Camping and Canoeing. Holly, Ric, Keith and Krysty were supposed to come all the way from Ohio, but they had three breakdowns and never did make it. We missed them and thought of them constantly. These pictures are for you Holly, and we'll try again next year!

Here we all are!

Tell me. Does it look like we're having fun? (Notice any fingers above Linda's and Stacy's heads?-Below)

The gang 2




Jack cooked our supper in a dutch oven Thursday evening.

Tori, Dani, & Randi

Tori, Dani, and Randi. Bryan and Stacy's girls.

David & Jack.jpg

David and 'chef' Jack

Hey! What can I say? Good friends, good food, good fun, good times!



Mel & Terry.jpg

Mel & Terry
(Terry is Jack's wife and Mel is their friend. They didn't camp with us, but spent Thursday evening with us.)




Sunset Sunday night at Pomme De Terre State Park, where we went when we left Meramec.